All-Nutrient vs. AVEDA hair dyes

The main problem for anyone wanting to dye their hair red is that the color is hard to maintain. Well, any faux-color is hard to maintain due to the fact that your hair grows and then you’re stuck with those pain-in-the-ass-roots that give away your little secret to anyone and everyone you encounter. For many people, they just need a quick root touch-up and they are off and rearing to go once more. Unfortunately for most bottlehead gingers, they need a full all-over color or toner every time they take a trip back to the salon to revitalize their color. If you’re using a box dye, this occurs at an even faster rate in my experience.

The first time I got my hair dyed in a salon was my junior year of high school. I was a former box dye junkie before that, which obviously wasn’t one of my best hair days years. My stylist worked at an AVEDA salon during my junior year. AVEDA hair products and hair dyes are known to be top notch, and unfortunately enough for my wallet, top dollar. Yeah, my hair was a vicious red tone for a while, but usually after a month the color started to fade.

But then my stylist switched over to All-Nutrient and my world was rocked. What makes All-Nutrient unique is that it has very low contents of ammonia (less than Windex) and NO sulfates. As someone with dry and fine curly hair, having a dye without sulfates just is all-over awesome. Sulfates dry out your hair and are actually found in a lot of facial washes and scrubs. So avoid those. They suck.

5 months w/o dying (& a spray tan)

With All-Nutrient as well, my color takes months to fade. I had my hair dyed in April, and I decided to spend my summer trying to heal my damaged hair so I opted not to dye it. So between April and October I didn’t dye my hair. My color was still red as ever aside from those pain-in-the-ass roots I mentioned before. My stylist was flabbergasted, as was I.

So let’s break down our pros and cons here:



  • Trusted brand
  • Great hair products aside from dyes
  • Certified salons (easier to find stylists who use AVEDA dyes)
  • HQ is in USA and powered by windmills


  • Reds fade fast
  • Expensive



  • Certified organic product
  • Color does not fade easily
  • Cheaper and Cost-Effective


  • Can’t find All-Nutrient stylists from their website

All-Nutrient after a little over a month

I have been using All-Nutrient dyes since 2010 (so about a year) and I am so ecstatic with how well the color holds to my hair. One of the things AVEDA has above All-Nutrient though is that all of their salons and stylists and under a network. Pop in your location and their website will tell you where all of your closest AVEDA salons are. Unfortunately, All-Nutrient doesn’t have a system like this and I’m left trying to reach out to stylists via social media. My current stylist is a 45 minute drive from my campus dorm, so I like to keep my options open.


18 responses to “All-Nutrient vs. AVEDA hair dyes

  1. Well I am not a hair specialist by anymeans, I usually jump out of the shower, dry my hair… and that is it. But it sounds like it is a no brainer to me. Especially since I am biased towards natural things anyway. The All-Nutrient hair dye seems to win the argument.

    The Green Guerilla

  2. Have been using Aveda dye products for years. However, having more and more problem of fading since my hair is probably all white by now. Has anyone had experience with All-Nutrient dye and gray/white hair?

    • ginette tremblay quebec canada

      i,m a hairdresser in quebec canada i saw all nutrient in american magazine,i call the compagny try and now since dec 2011 adopt it
      i have to import from New hampshire were the manufacture is So in love with that wonderfull product,it cover my gray hair perfectly émy clients love that red who stays for long!

    • yes, it covers gray 100%!!! This product is by far the best!!!

  3. I’ve been a professional stylist for 12 years now. I spent 10 of those years with AVEDA before switching to All Nutrient. I LOVE working with All Nutrient. I’ve had far better results with this color hands down! Even on gray/white hair.

  4. All-Nutrient just won best permanent haircolor by Launchpad magazine… It is the best and they also just came out with a demi-permanent reconstructive color, “Keratint”. It’s amazing as well!!!!
    For information about salons that use the product in the Tampa Bay area
    please call; 877-892-3229 or 813-391-8158

  5. I totally agree with you! I’m a hairstylist , my main accessory is my vibrant copper hair . I have never had better color results with any other color ! Also, I have a large amount of clients that have chosen to join the red-head club . The results are even root-to -end and long lasting,vibrant,stunning!
    You might add that All Nutrient is created and manufactured here in the U.S as well 🙂

  6. So how can I find a stylist who uses this product, I’m in northern Ca?

  7. I am a hairstylist and I have had nothing but problems with All-Nutrient. I also don’t like that the product contains ammonia and monoethanolomine (BTW – Windex contains a very high concentration of ammonia – saying it has less than Windex is like saying gas has less petroleum than oil).

    Also, I own an organic salon and I was surprised to learn that there is nothing certified organic about All Nutrient. They claim that there product is “certifiably organic” which means nothing. They stop short of saying their product is certified organic because it is not (as this page claims). They are not certified by the FDA, ECOCERT, or anybody else. This is nothing but green washing for stupid people!

  8. Mellissa Reynolds

    As a professional Hair Colorist, I can tell you that All Nutrient does not work. It does not cover gray, it fades off tone, and it yields inconsistent results. The horrible reputation of the company stands for itself and their training and support is non-existent.

  9. Most fabulous color I have EVER USED! I have the greatest experience with reds, grey coverage and if used as recommended by any product, use their shampoo and conditioner it guarantees less fadage and its TRUE.
    Very shiny too. My salon has had an All Nutrient Educator to demo and explains so much. It’s a must do!

  10. I have to agree with Katie and Melissa above, All Nutrient Hair Color Sucks! I tried it, it doesn’t work, the company was rude and couldn’t hep me, and the I lost clients over it. Stay clear of this horrible excuse for a professional product, you and your clients will be terribly unhappy.

  11. I have used All-Nutrient for 4 years as a hairstylist and it is by far better than any other color I have ever used! The reds do not fade and the color is very true to the swatches!!! LOVE IT!! If u had bad results maybe u did not prep the hair right before use.

    • Hello Barbara — I have been researching this color line for a while and saw your comment here . I was wondering if you can tell me more about your real in salon experience with this color ? You mentioned prepping the hair — what exactly do you mean here ? Does the manufacturer recommend special prepping techniques ? Also , what is the quality of the hair like after coloring ? ( shine , integrity of hair etc ) Thank You

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